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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 2 and Day 3

Well so far so good. Since I was on the drawer cleaning task...
Yesterday I got my 100 items in my underwear drawer! I didn't take any pictures-didn't want to put anyone through that! Not even myself. To be fair I didn't get 100 things from that drawer alone, I also went though my socks. It still surprised me that I had that many "drawers" that I didn't wear anymore. I feel better already!
I thought this would be a a lot harder than it is. It's still early in the game though! 

Today on my lunch break, I went to urgent care for a sore throat that I have had for the past 4 days and of course I have STREP!!! Ugh really? So needless to say, I couldn't go back to work to finish my day today. I was happy in a way, but I don't have any more sick time so my check will be life story.

Anyway, I didn't let this stop me. I went through my jewelry armoire and got 100 braclets, headbands earring, etc to donate to GoodWill. They are already in my car for me to drop off this week sometime!

I am helping with Vacation Bible School this week and working after, so I may not get to my 100 things every day, but I will try my hardest!

Feeling great about my progress so far!

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